Setliste für 2022

  1. Aux Champs-Elysees/Joe Dassin             
  2. Back to black/ Amy Winehouse      
  3. Bad Moon Rising/ C.C.R.       
  4. Better this way / Eden Brent      
  5. Blow Wind Blow/ Muddy Waters           
  6. Bring it on home to me/ Sam Cook  
  7. Buch des Lebens/ MTB, Michael      
  8. Chantilly Lace/ Jerry Lee Lewis        
  9. Corazon Espinado/ Santana                   
  10. Desperado/ Eagles                                 
  11. Don’t speak/ No doubt            
  12. Englishman in New York/ Sting                  
  13. First we take Manhatten/ Joe Cocker    
  14. Happy Birthday Blues/ B.B. King          
  15. Hey tonight/ CCR         
  16. Honky Tonk Woman/ The Rolling Stones
  17. Hot rod Heart/ John Fogarty                  
  18. House of the rising sun/ Animals           
  19. How long Blues/ Eric Clapton                 
  20. I hear you knocking/ Fabolous Thunderbirds
  21. Ich bin des Kämpfens müde, MTB, Michael
  22. Insekten im Eis/ Jennifer Rostock           
  23. Ironic/ Alanis Morissette                        
  24. Knocking on heavens door/ Bob Dylan  
  25. Lay down Sally/ Eric Clapton   
  26. Lady in black/ Uriah Heep                      
  27. Layla/ Eric Clapton                                             
  28. Learn to be still/ Eagles
  29. Let the music rock/ MTB, Henner
  30. Listen to your heart/ Roxette
  31. Living next door to Alice/ Smokie                    
  32. Midnight Blues/ Snowy White   
  33. Mü-town blues/ MTB                 
  34. My Blues/MTB, Michael                         
  35. Nobody knows you when you’re down/ Eric Clapton
  36. Parisienne Walkways/ Gary Moore
  37. People who can’t be/ MTB     
  38. Puppets/ Bandits  
  39. Roxanne/ Police                                     
  40. Shadow Play/ Rory Gallagher                
  41. Shallow/ Lady Gaga & Br. Cooper          
  42. Sleeping in my car/ Roxette         
  43. Summertime sadness/ Miley Cyrus     
  44. Sweet home Alabama/ Lynard Skynard 
  45. Sweet Home Chicago/ Blues Brothers 
  46. Sweet Virginia/ The Rolling Stones  
  47. Switch it off/MTB, Henner 
  48. The logical Song/ Supertramp
  49. This Love/ Maroon 5       
  50. Total Egal/MTB, Michael                     
  51. Tulsa Time/ Eric Clapton                         
  52. Underneath your clothes/ Shakira
  53. Verdamp lang her/ Bap    
  54. White Flag/ Dido                                     
  55. Who will the next fool be/ Jerry Lee Lewis
  56. Wish you were here/ Pink Floyd             
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